Corporate Mind Detox

A corporate mind detox session helps a business team or mastermind group immediately heal limiting beliefs standing in the way of taking entrepreneurial/business success to a new level: beliefs such as fear of failure or success or whatever the individuals in the group's most prominent blocks are.

Recently, Jennifer worked with Hay House published author, Erin Cox and her Enlightened Empire Builders Mastermind to clear limiting personal beliefs related to business success. After this corporate mind detox session, Erin wrote "Jennifer, you were AMAZING. We were all touched by our session with you . SO VERY powerful."

Corporate Mindfulness

Mindfulness will help you ... develop the ability to empower the people in your organization. ~ Bill George, Harvard Business School.

Surveys by Gallup and Towers-Perrin show that globally only 20%-30% of employees are engaged with significant costs in terms of productivity and growth.

Stress in the workplace costs businesses an estimated $2800 per employee every year and taking a mindfulness course at work reduces days off due to stress by up to 70% over three years.

Convinced by this business case, 25% of large US companies have now launched mindfulness 'stress-reduction' initiatives.

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to dramatically enhance

Performance, productivity and work quality by up to 29%
Interpersonal relationships and team-building
Emotional intelligence
Working memory and attention.
Individuals who practice mindfulness spend 40 percent more time focused on tasks and feel energized 65 percent more of the time (Penman)

Join the hundreds of companies worldwide that integrate corporate mindfulness in the workplace: Toyota, Starbucks, General Mills, eBay, and Google to name a few.

Jennifer creates customized workplace talks and in-house mindfulness workshops and programs. She recently spoke at the Women in Business Conference in London, Canada to an audience of 80+ about corporate mindfulness and has led private corporate mindfulness workshops for Hollis Wealth. Corporate mindfulness spaces are very limited. Contact Jennifer to book your corporate mindfulness workshops/retreats or in-house training.

Jennifer teaches corporate mindfulness in a very educational way, offering instruction, guidance and encouragment along the way. Jennifer speaks with a peacefulness and calmness that easily guides you to be more aware of one thing in your life at time - to let go of the need to multi-task at every turn. After completing a session, I feel relaxed and focused and that I have the tools to equip me to carry on with my day and a renewed purpose. Corporate mindfulness should be incorporated into every business because a focused employee has the renewed skills to accomplish the tasks at hand.
~ Brenda Meulendyks, Certified Financial Planner, HollisWealth

Clients have included

Thames Valley District School Board
BridgeForce WCS Financial Services Inc.
Quad County Support Services
Women in Business
Mainstreet Credit Union
St. Clair Conservation Authority

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