Heart Space Wide Open
~ an e-book with advice on how to give to self in simple and nurturing ways.
Mindfulness Meditation Classes
~ feature journalling, intention-setting, and meditation practice to bring you stillness and calm. Please email me to join this class list.
Online Course: Mindful Moments
~ with 3 key email lessons and bonus videos, this course introduces you to core concepts in mindfulness: awareness of thought, present moment engagement, and self-compassion. Sign up for this course by registering below.

Stress/Anxiety Management Session
~ these single or series sessions may be for parent/child, parent/teen or simply for the adult. In this session, we discuss your anxiety and how to recognize it as this is a key part in resolving the anxiety. You are then guided through mindfulness tools designed to lessen your anxiety and given home practice to continue working on and integrating into your life. Some client's anxiety has been resolved after a single session. Email Jennifer at infinitelifelearning@xplornet.ca with questions or to book.
Online Course: Mindfulness for Moms ~ From Chaos to Calm
~ explores breath work, mindful activities, meditation, and interactive ways to introduce mindfulness to your children or family.
Afternoon of Silence
~ a 3 hour guided afternoon to enjoy stillness and awareness. Please note this workshop is weather dependent.

Online Course: The Mindful Mindset
~ delves into greater depth as you explore essential mindfulness attitudes and how to integrate these mindful mindsets into your daily life so that mindfulness becomes more of a way of life. This course is entirely online. Register for this course with the link below.

Mindfulness Stress Reduction: A Study & Journey in Calm
~ a 6 week course that covers topics essential for a deep understanding of mindfulness. The lessons in this course are based on Jennifer's certification program from London, England. Guided meditations are included as part of this course as is a spot at an Afternoon of Silence. Please note there is an interview for this course as you must be commited to daily mindfulness practice or already practicing.

Introduction to Mindfulness & Mindful Living
~ covers key concepts in mindfulness and then, how to integrate those concepts into your life: awareness of thought, quality engagement and self-compassion.

Group Mind Detox
~ an excellent introduction to the power of the Mind Detox Method where you will begin to empower yourself with skills to move through self-imposed limiting thinking. Please note you will only work on 1 limiting belief in this group workshop.

Taught by Sandy C. Newbigging from the Mind Detox Academy in the U.K., Jennifer is known for her intuitive gift of getting to your core issues and then providing holistic and positive healing techniques to help free you from your problems.

If you want to break away from your past, heal your negative beliefs, be more peaceful and present in business and in life, you must experience the Mind Detox Method and/or mindfulness coaching with Jennifer.

Blocks involve more than one limiting belief and in that light, Jennifer offers 3 personal packages to help you or your business move forward.

1.Mind Detox Method sessions

2. Mindfulness coaching

3. Combination mind detox and mindfulness coaching. You will find more information about these packages below.

Women's Retreat
~ this luxurious gift to self helps your best self emerge. In 2015, this will be hosted at the beautiful Little Inn in Bayfield. Join our newsletter to find out details.
Mind Detox Method Package
~ Mind detox is a brilliant way to discover and heal the hidden mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems. If something negative is happening in your life and you don't know why, mind detox is your answer. Mind detox helps you make peace with the past, feel lighter and happier today and let go of unhealthy habits and behaviours. You can also clear your self-limiting beliefs to enjoy more success and abundance. Jennifer has helped people resolve anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, sadness, fear of failure, fitness blocks, creative blocks, business blocks and more.

Your mind detox sessions includes a 15 minute initial consult and then 3 face-to-face, phone or Skype consultations with Jennifer. In these sessions, you will pinpoint the issue (s) you wish to resolve and then use the Mind Detox Method to discover and heal the mind-based causes of the challenges you are facing.

Please note this package may be paid in 2 installments.

Mindfulness Coaching Series
Mindfulness is an ancient wisdom and scientifically proven life strategy to bring calm and awareness into your life. Mindfulness helps your health, your sleep, your calm, your relationships, your communication, your business and your work.

Your mindfulness coaching package includes 3 face-face, phone or Skype consultations with Jennifer wherein she will teach you the supporting theory behind mindfulness and provide detailed instructions on how to bring mindfulness meditation and mindfulness living into your world. You will also receive advice on overcoming challenges or difficulties you may face in your practice.

Please note this package may be paid in 2 installments.

Combination Mind Detox + Mindfulness Package
As the name suggests, your combination series includes both mind detox coaching and mindfulness meditation over the course of 6 sessions. During that time together you will use a combination of techniques to discover the hidden cause and start really moving forward with mindful awareness and calm in your life. This is the package for you if you want to completely turn your life around and get the best of what Jennifer offers.

Please note this package may be paid in 2 installments.

Mindfulness Mastermind
~ designed to bring peace and ease into your life with your sense of self, your relationships, and your work. In your journey of self-acceptance as self-imposed limitations arise, Jennifer will book one-on-one Mind Detox sessions with you to help you move through your blocks. With the power of the collective and Jennifer's gifted mind detox skills, you will powerfully and gracefully step into who you are intended to be.

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