I just completed an [online] mindfulness course with Jennifer Alexander and her teachings and guidance have given me the tools to really break out from under stress and negativity and feel all the wonderful things that surround me and that are in fact me. I am in this moment so incredibly grateful for my children, my husband, my mom and dad, my brother Steve, my mom and dad in law ….There is nothing but complete love in my heart. Negativity and stress have no place anymore. This is a gift Jennifer has given me. Thank you Jennifer!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
~ Melissa Anne Kaiser

Though Jennifer's mindfulness teachings, I have learned how to bring calm and peace into my otherwise hectic and insanely chaotic life. I've learned how to reduce stress and block out some stress. I've learned how to not lose my temper and take it out on other people. I've learned to open my mind and accept certain thing that I would otherwise have rejected (with a closed mind). Her mindfulness teachings are what I had hoped they would be. I am gaining peace [of mind], calm and the ability to make better, more thought through decisions that are critical to a happy and successful life. I can't thank you enough for this gift! It's been an enormous relief, these past three weeks, to begin to let go of all the baggage I've been carrying with me throughout my life. In the three weeks since I've begun ... I have been noticing significant changes, not only in my stress levels, peace and calm, but, in my stomach condition as well. I am also getting a better night's sleep and waking up more refreshed. Thank you Jennifer, you've been a Godsend! “
~David Evola

Thank you for teaching me how to truly live Jennifer.
~ Joanne Rombouts

Something's shifted since attending your mindfulness workshop. And here's what I've realized in a nutshell. You took a concept that I've been grappling with for a long time - the concept of meditation and made it so simple, so doable, so understandable that I can now meditate with ease. Meditation is something that I've never been able to get my head around. It's always been so challenging and that in turn has been frustrating. Although it's only been two days since the workshop, I feel myself being mindful in a variety of situations AND feeling much more grounded as a result. I feel like I've got some really concrete tools for settling my thoughts, tools that are easily implemented and go beyond anything I've tried before. So thank you Jennifer. Your work is brilliant.
~ Gail Jacob Barker

It’s really nice to know that there are people around that truly know the importance of how loving ourselves can change us immensely. To be willing and excited to share this with others in order to help them live a better life is very precious and a gift. Thank you, Jennifer!
~ Kim Kristiansen
, Strathroy

One teacher truly can make a difference. (Jennifer) has done this for so many.  
~ Rachel Pipitone
, Windsor

Jennifer has taught me I have a choice to be happy, full of love & joy.
~ Judy Irwin
, Watford

Jennifer, your mindfulness based anxiety session and home practice resolved my child's debilitating panic attacks. I am forever grateful and so is he. He is finally truly living his life ~ C.H., Strathroy

Negative beliefs about self-worth ~ "Mind detox for me got to the heart of my limiting beliefs with Jennifer gently guiding me through. This work gives you the tool to choose new beliefs and homework to repeat them daily to yourself until they become the new you. It is an opportunity to recrete yourself the way you want to be leaving the old story behind, honouring it for what it was and letting it go. You can make way for the new story of how you see yourself. Mind detox is beautiful and freeing and teaches you to be gentle with yourself and stand in your power. Blessings and love to Jennifer for this wonderful work and did I mention tonnes of gratitude." Mary Jo, London

Shannon had a debilitating anxiety/fear of sickness. "Jennifer, I was asked by a friend to go to the hospital to give her 11 year old daughter who us going through chemo treatments, a hair cut as her hair was matted and dreadlocked due to being in bed and her hair is starting to fall out. Of course I said yes without a second thought when she asked me yesterday. Today I was starting to feel anxious. I don't like hospitals for obvious reasons. Not sure what I would see or worse - what if I get sick. I stopped in the parking garage today. I did my mindful meditation, my positive learnings and my visualization. Incredible. I went in anxiety free. No fear of what I might see and not afraid of catching everything. Seeing a 11year old, frail as she was, getting her hair brushed and seeing it fall out, opened my heart. I saw my yellow knowing. felt it as I cut her hair and when I left, she smiled at me, thanking me for coming in to see her. I looked at her, saw strength and fight in her eyes like I have never seen before. I got to my car, smiled and felt my ribbons of pink wrapping around me. So, I am feeling that what I am working on is amazing. I faced something today that I would have made an excuse not to do it. Thank you for showing me what I can do to heal my thoughts.

Thank you, forever, thank you. I look forward to continuing this journey."
~ Shannon S., London

Anna Turner wanted to work on her fear of public speaking. She felt like she "could conquer the world after our session." "I am in awe of what [your mind detox work] has done for me Jennifer I completed both my presentations at our meetings and other then a few butterfilies. I did not freeze. I relaxed and put out my message and I won 3rd prize for one of the presentation!! I can't wait to get moving on some of my other blocks ..... Thank you.....thank you.... thank you!!!!!"

Creative/Business block - "When I was 5, our teacher held a competition to win a beautiful set of markets – every colour of the rainbow. To win this set, we were to colour an elephant. I was so excited. I was going to win. I coloured polka dots, stripes, red toenails. My elephant was beautiful. At least I thought so. When the time came to announce the winner, it was the teacher’s favourite who won: the perfect girl with long beautiful hair, whose uniform was always neat and tidy, knee highs, always in place. She won for her perfect grey elephant. The pattern of this elephant story and elephants in general continued in my life. I was seeing a pattern but not understanding the elephants until my mind detox session with Jennifer. I was a bit nervous but so ready to detox whatever was most needed. I started talking about my mother which then moved into “The Elephant” experience. Jennifer gently and with graceful intuition guided me through the Mind Detox Process. I could vibrationally feel the shift within my heart and solar plexus. I now had an understanding of the elephant and how it was holding me back; however the yuck was gone. The next evening I started painting again. I completed an abundance mandala painting which had been sitting half done for the past year. Since my mind detox session with Jennifer, I have been creative just for the joy of it ~ no longer concerned about “not being perfect or having something done the right way.” This creativity has overflowed to every aspect of my life from my cooking, to my dress, to my business. Thank you. "
Maureen Harrison, Strathroy

Self-esteem - "Over many years, I have tried everything ... searching for a way past self-esteem issues. When I went to Jennifer for my first mind detox session, I thought that I was setting out on what had to be a long road.

To my astonishment, I left Jennifer’s treatment feeling incredibly free, empowered and relieved. Mind detox may be new to Canada; however I have no doubt that this is a valuable new coaching tool. Jennifer Alexander is a gentle, caring mind detox practitioner, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to free themselves from blocks & pain. "
~ P.C., London

Feelings of stuckness ~ "I can't thank you enough Jennifer for everything you've done for me. My life was dragging me down and I was feeling very lost. I didn't feel like I was myself anymore. I had lost the me that I cherished. So many things were happening in my life that unbeknownst to me had dredged up old feelings, hurts and insecurities. I honestly had this feeling that I was completely encased in a cocoon and could not get out . I could not find the strength to break that shell and it was killing me. I was scared of what would happen if I didn't get out. I had always had a great appreciation for the life I've lived as hard as it was and for nature and what it gave to me, for my family and friends and most of all just for living. I feared I was losing that. I could no longer appreciate the beauty around me. I no longer stopped on the way home to admire the sunset or sat on my deck with my coffee watching the sunrise. I can't remember the last time I took a walk in the woods.


Because of mind detox, I am starting to do those things again. I'm enjoying the colours of life. I'm learning to breathe again. to accept the things in life that happen, to let go of those things that don't benefit me and to reach for those that do. You have given me the tools to step out of my comfort zone.

I've shed that cocoon and I'm flying on rainbow waves of colour.

Thank you for all you do Jennifer. ~ S.P., Strathroy, ON

Shyness ~ "I have had problems with extreme shyness ever since I was a child but as I grew older it almost became an anxiety. I found it hard to talk to people; connections that seemed easy before became harder to maintain. I literally felt the need to hide away from people. I could let no one close to me. I was anxious and nervous almost hopeless. After this mind detox with Jennifer Elizabeth Alexander, things felt lighter -- calmer. I was in utter relief. Even though it was emotional, I never felt happier! I've found people easier to talk to. I've felt more of a connection to the people I do talk to. Suddenly I started having people I haven't talked to in ages talking to me, invitations to do things with people I rarely see and I am finding there is less and less dread of communicating with people. Today I even started a conversation with a complete stranger. THIS is the power of mind detox. THIS is the reward. I am liking MYSELF more and more every time I work with Jennifer and this is changing my life. My most heartfelt gratitude to you Jennifer for your mind detox work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"
~ Shelley Blair, Blenheim

Confidence ~ "I feel like the person I'm becoming is quite a bit different than the one before which I am wrapping my head around . I feel like I am finally nearing the end of a tunnel which is awesome. The thing I want to thank you so much for is helping me see my worth. It is not all there yet, but I feel it coming back. And that is pretty awesome. Because of you and my mind detox I am giving myself, my body and finances what I need to grow forward. I cannot wait until our next mind detox coaching session to see what it brings. Thank you Jennifer!"
~ W.J., Arkona

Creating a Life Always Dreamed of ~ "It has been 2 months since my mind detox session with Jennifer and I am astounded with the enormity of change that I feel inside of me. I am in amazement of my personal growth as well as the number of personal victories that I have experienced in the 2 months since the session. I needed the time to let it all integrate and I am so excited because I can still feel the ripple effect happening. I took blink faith, was open to doing the work subconsciously and jumped in and I don't regret this decison for one second. Doing a mind-detox session with Jennifer was one of the best choices that I could have made to assist myself in breaking through barriers and starting to create the life I've always dreamed of. ~ Kimberly S., Strathroy

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